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INFERNAL FILMS LIMITED was founded in 2004 as an INDEPENDENT FILM COMPANY and is based in the United Kingdom. The goal of the four owners is to produce movies with a lot of action and to meet the experiences of their audience. The focus is and remains on the HORROR genre. This genre is a very thankful one and has allowed the crew of INFERNAL FILMS to collect tons of important experiences. All experiences from the past helps INFERNAL FILMS to improve the professionalism of their next productions. [Thoughts of the owners] The fan community of this genre is enormous and all people we ever met where totally correct and cool perso-nalities. It is very important to us that we are and remain a company with a strong focus to their audience, having close and direct contacts to every person who wants to have it. The open discussions on Events, Festivals and all open communications through our website, all applications for roles we ever got are the successful result we where and will working for. The people behind the scenes are the substance of INFERNAL FILMS. Read more about them in our "Who is Who?" section. Don't hesitate to collect the information of your interest about everyone of the team and learn more about our "Freelancer" which support us to reach our targets. As an INDEPENDENT FILM COMPANY with the focus on the HORROR genre it is the obligation to be inventive and never boring. To win the challenge INFERNAL FILMS was delivering new ideas, stories and a new style. The Future brings great new projects which will require everything from the audience and the crew of INFERNAL FILMS. The next script is already in preparation. The audience can expect new, different, nearly painful and borderline stories. INFERNAL FILMS will try everything to set new accents in the independent film scene and will deliver best performance and an extreme close contact to the audience. Your Team of INFERNAL FILMS